Trauma Release Technique **NEW**

The Trauma Release Technique, as taught by Madeline McBride of McBride Pain Clinic in Ottawa, Ontario, is proving to be a powerful addition to Robyn's ability to help people. It utilizes the "Mind-Body Connection" to facilitate physical healing by disrupting the emotions or stress that are pushing the body into the fight/flight/freeze sympathetic nervous system.

This effective "no-talk" technique integrates the body's energetic and nervous systems in order to release entrenched trauma. This is NOT talk therapy. This technique provides a way to address a person's emotional issues or stress without that person having to recall, talk about, or re-experience the cause. In return, their physical healing is kickstarted by the removal of the emotional barrier.

The Trauma Release treatment can be done by itself or followed with a light, supportive Bowen treatment.

Examples of Traumas
Physical Trauma: The body's tissues can retain the trauma after falls, accidents, serious injuries, surgeries, etc.
Traumatic Life Events: People who have been severely stressed/traumatized by crime, loss of job, war, fire, a destructive weather event, illness or injury of a loved one, or have been emotionally stressed/traumatized by events beyond their control.
Relationships: Stress/trauma associated with emotions such as rejection, anger, betrayal, guilt, disappointment, grief, worry, and fear.

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