Bowen Therapy Testimonials

"I was waiting for knee replacement surgery when the pain got to a point that I couldn't do daily routine activities. After Robyn gave me two Bowen treatments, the pain was reduced to the point that I was able to stay mobile until surgery. I believe this also contributed to my quick recovery from surgery.

Another experience was when I had a severe case of vertigo, and 20 minutes after one Bowen treatment, my symptoms were completely gone. If I do experience vertigo again, I will immediately contact Robyn."
Female – Mallorytown, ON

"The Bowen treatment on the knees by Robyn vastly lessened the levels and frequency of the pain. Now, walking with only mild reminders of how the pain used to limit my ability to exercise."
Male – Brockville, ON

"The changes I've experienced with Bowen are significant: first, I have been bothered with sciatica for probably 25 years; some episodes left me lying in bed for days, and others brought the pain of a relatively short duration (maybe several hours, especially while driving). The discomfort today is minimal, and I rarely feel it at all – when I do, it's usually during a long drive.

I also was aware for several years that the muscles around my sacrum were very tight, limiting motion in my hips. After the first treatment, this area 'freed up' and felt wonderful.

One of my complaints was insomnia. Robyn pushed her magic button, and one night following a treatment, I slept all night – didn't move for 7 ½ hours, went to the bathroom, and then slept again 2 ½ more hours. For a period of 3 months, I enjoyed relatively good sleep.

All of the above with only 6 treatments. I'm really impressed with what Bowen can do and recommend Robyn without reservation."
Female – Brockville, ON

"I was experiencing a sciatica issue that was interfering with my activities and my sleep. I kept trying to ignore it in the hope that it would just "go away," but of course, it didn't. I'm not a proponent of taking pain medications, so I decided to try Bowen therapy. It was both appealing and mysterious to me in that it is so gentle and non-intrusive, yet in two short visits with Robyn, my discomfort vanished, and I was able to get back to normal living, and it hasn't reoccurred. I have no idea how, but it works! Robyn is knowledgeable thorough, and really took her time with me. Highly recommended!"
Female – Elgin, ON

"I was prone to bouts of anxiety. I received specific Bowen treatment from Robyn, and since then, anxiety has not been an issue!"
Male – Brockville, ON

Trauma Release Technique Testimonials

"Being an opened minded person, but also a trust and verify person, I was really amazed at my experience with the trauma release with Robyn at Oak Leaf Bowen Therapy. Not knowing what to expect, knew it wouldn't be painful physically, and it wasn't. I truly feel my specific trauma intention was affected; during the rest/ processing time, my mind replayed memories for several minutes then they stopped, like the end of a film reel. And I couldn’t replay those memories again for several days. I don’t get the anxiety heat in my body when those memories come to mind anymore.

I highly recommend this as an additional tool in anyone's healing journey."
Female – Brockville

"I have been able to enjoy Bowen treatments with Robyn Elliott for over a year now, and about 5 months ago, she introduced me to Trauma Release Therapy! Having had this treatment a few times now, I am blown away with the outcome. It has helped with my body issues, and tension! I carry a lot of my tension in my hips and neck. It has been a breakthrough for me and has been a game changer!!!.

I lost my Mum in March and, unknowingly, I have been quite shut down. I had a treatment on Saturday and have felt so much better all over!! I am breathing easier, more open, and able to do more this weekend, than I have in a long time!
Thank you Robyn"

Female - Toledo

The Healing Hand represents healing and protection.
The spiral symbolises the universe or eternity.
When combined with the shape of a hand,
the symbol is said to have therapeutic energy.